Source code for platypush.plugins.redis

from redis import Redis

from platypush.plugins import Plugin, action
from platypush.utils import get_redis_conf

[docs]class RedisPlugin(Plugin): """ Plugin to send messages on Redis queues. """
[docs] def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super().__init__() self.args = args self.kwargs = kwargs or get_redis_conf()
def _get_redis(self): return Redis(*self.args, **self.kwargs)
[docs] @action def send_message(self, queue, msg, *args, **kwargs): """ Send a message to a Redis queue. :param queue: Queue name :type queue: str :param msg: Message to be sent :type msg: str, bytes, list, dict, Message object :param args: Args passed to the Redis constructor (see :type args: list :param kwargs: Kwargs passed to the Redis constructor (see :type kwargs: dict """ if args or kwargs: redis = Redis(*args, **kwargs) else: redis = self._get_redis() return redis.rpush(queue, str(msg))
[docs] @action def mget(self, keys, *args): """ :returns: The values specified in keys as a key/value dict (wraps MGET) """ return { keys[i]: value.decode() if isinstance(value, bytes) else value for (i, value) in enumerate(self._get_redis().mget(keys, *args)) }
[docs] @action def mset(self, **kwargs): """ Set key/values based on mapping (wraps MSET) """ try: return self._get_redis().mset(**kwargs) except TypeError: # Commit # broke back-compatibility with the previous way of passing # key-value pairs to mset directly on kwargs. This try-catch block # is to support things on all the redis-py versions return self._get_redis().mset(mapping=kwargs) # type: ignore
[docs] @action def expire(self, key, expiration): """ Set an expiration time in seconds for the specified key :param key: Key to set to expire :type key: str :param expiration: Expiration timeout (in seconds) :type expiration: int """ return self._get_redis().expire(key, expiration)
[docs] @action def delete(self, *args): """ Delete one or multiple keys :param args: Keys to delete """ return self._get_redis().delete(*args)
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