class platypush.plugins.todoist.TodoistPlugin(api_token: str, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: Plugin

Todoist integration.


  • todoist-python (pip install todoist-python)

You’ll also need a Todoist token. You can get it here <>.

__init__(api_token: str, **kwargs)[source]

api_token – Todoist API token. You can get it here <>.

add_item(content: str, project_id: Optional[int] = None, **kwargs)[source]

Add a new item.

archive(item_id: int)[source]

Archive an item by id.

complete_item(item_id: int)[source]

Mark an item as done.

delete_item(item_id: int)[source]

Delete an item by id.

get_collaborators() TodoistCollaboratorsResponse[source]

Get list of collaborators.

get_filters() TodoistFiltersResponse[source]

Get list of Todoist filters.

get_items() TodoistItemsResponse[source]

Get list of Todoist projects.

get_live_notifications() TodoistLiveNotificationsResponse[source]

Get list of Todoist live notifications.

get_notes() TodoistNotesResponse[source]

Get list of Todoist notes.

get_project_notes() TodoistProjectNotesResponse[source]

Get list of Todoist project notes.

get_projects() TodoistProjectsResponse[source]

Get list of Todoist projects.

get_user() TodoistUserResponse[source]

Get logged user info.


Sync/update info with the remote server.

unarchive(item_id: int)[source]

Un-archive an item by id.

uncomplete_item(item_id: int)[source]

Mark an item as not done.

update_item(item_id: int, **kwargs)[source]

Update an item by id.