class platypush.plugins.ifttt.IftttPlugin(ifttt_key, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: Plugin

This plugin allows you to interact with the IFTTT maker API <https://ifttt.com/maker_webhooks> to programmatically trigger your own IFTTT hooks from Platypush - e.g. send a tweet or a Facebook post, create a Todoist item or a Trello task, trigger events on your mobile device, or run any action not natively supported by Platypush but available on your IFTTT configuration.

An example:

# Trigger an IFTTT event named "at_home"
    "type": "request",
    "action": "ifttt.trigger_event",
    "args": {
        "event_name": "at_home"
__init__(ifttt_key, **kwargs)[source]

ifttt_key (str) – Your IFTTT Maker API key. Log in to IFTTT and get your key from here. Once you’ve got your key, you can start creating IFTTT rules using the Webhooks channel.

trigger_event(event_name, values=None)[source]

Send an event to your IFTTT account

  • event_name (str) – Name of the event

  • values (list) – Optional list of values to be passed to the event. By convention IFTTT names the values as value1,value2,....