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import json
import os
import pathlib

from datetime import datetime
from typing import Iterable, Optional, Union

from platypush.config import Config
from platypush.context import Variable, get_bus
from import TidalPlaylistUpdatedEvent
from platypush.plugins import RunnablePlugin, action
from import get_items
from platypush.schemas.tidal import (

[docs]class MusicTidalPlugin(RunnablePlugin): """ Plugin to interact with the user's Tidal account and library. Upon the first login, the application will prompt you with a link to connect to your Tidal account. Once authorized, you should no longer be required to explicitly login. Triggers: * :class:``: when a user playlist is updated. Requires: * **tidalapi** (``pip install 'tidalapi >= 0.7.0'``) """ _base_url = '' _default_credentials_file = os.path.join( str(Config.get('workdir')), 'tidal', 'credentials.json' )
[docs] def __init__( self, quality: str = 'high', credentials_file: str = _default_credentials_file, **kwargs, ): """ :param quality: Default audio quality. Default: ``high``. Supported: [``loseless``, ``master``, ``high``, ``low``]. :param credentials_file: Path to the file where the OAuth session parameters will be stored (default: ``<WORKDIR>/tidal/credentials.json``). """ from tidalapi import Quality super().__init__(**kwargs) self._credentials_file = os.path.expanduser(credentials_file) self._user_playlists = {} try: self._quality = getattr(Quality, quality.lower()) except AttributeError: raise AssertionError( f'Invalid quality: {quality}. Supported values: ' f'{[ for q in Quality]}' ) self._session = None
def _oauth_open_saved_session(self): if not self._session: return try: with open(self._credentials_file, 'r') as f: data = json.load(f) self._session.load_oauth_session( data['token_type'], data['access_token'], data['refresh_token'] ) except Exception as e: self.logger.warning('Could not load %s: %s', self._credentials_file, e) def _oauth_create_new_session(self): if not self._session: return self._session.login_oauth_simple(function=self.logger.warning) # type: ignore if self._session.check_login(): data = { 'token_type': self._session.token_type, 'session_id': self._session.session_id, 'access_token': self._session.access_token, 'refresh_token': self._session.refresh_token, } pathlib.Path(os.path.dirname(self._credentials_file)).mkdir( parents=True, exist_ok=True ) with open(self._credentials_file, 'w') as outfile: json.dump(data, outfile) @property def session(self): from tidalapi import Config, Session if self._session and self._session.check_login(): return self._session # Attempt to reload the existing session from file self._session = Session(config=Config(quality=self._quality)) self._oauth_open_saved_session() if not self._session.check_login(): # Create a new session if we couldn't load an existing one self._oauth_create_new_session() assert ( self._session.user and self._session.check_login() ), 'Could not connect to TIDAL' return self._session @property def user(self): user = self.session.user assert user, 'Not logged in' return user
[docs] @action def create_playlist(self, name: str, description: Optional[str] = None): """ Create a new playlist. :param name: Playlist name. :param description: Optional playlist description. :return: .. schema:: tidal.TidalPlaylistSchema """ ret = self.user.create_playlist(name, description) return TidalPlaylistSchema().dump(ret)
[docs] @action def delete_playlist(self, playlist_id: str): """ Delete a playlist by ID. :param playlist_id: ID of the playlist to delete. """ pl = self.session.playlist(playlist_id) pl.delete()
[docs] @action def edit_playlist(self, playlist_id: str, title=None, description=None): """ Edit a playlist's metadata. :param name: New name. :param description: New description. """ pl = self.session.playlist(playlist_id) pl.edit(title=title, description=description)
[docs] @action def get_playlists(self): """ Get the user's playlists (track lists are excluded). :return: .. schema:: tidal.TidalPlaylistSchema(many=True) """ ret = self.user.playlists() + self.user.favorites.playlists() return TidalPlaylistSchema().dump(ret, many=True)
[docs] @action def get_playlist(self, playlist_id: str): """ Get the details of a playlist (including tracks). :param playlist_id: Playlist ID. :return: .. schema:: tidal.TidalPlaylistSchema """ pl = self.session.playlist(playlist_id) pl._tracks = get_items(pl.tracks) return TidalPlaylistSchema().dump(pl)
[docs] @action def get_artist(self, artist_id: Union[str, int]): """ Get the details of an artist. :param artist_id: Artist ID. :return: .. schema:: tidal.TidalArtistSchema """ ret = self.session.artist(artist_id) ret.albums = get_items(ret.get_albums) return TidalArtistSchema().dump(ret)
[docs] @action def get_album(self, album_id: Union[str, int]): """ Get the details of an album. :param artist_id: Album ID. :return: .. schema:: tidal.TidalAlbumSchema """ ret = self.session.album(album_id) return TidalAlbumSchema(with_tracks=True).dump(ret)
[docs] @action def get_track(self, track_id: Union[str, int]): """ Get the details of an track. :param artist_id: Track ID. :return: .. schema:: tidal.TidalTrackSchema """ ret = self.session.album(track_id) return TidalTrackSchema().dump(ret)
[docs] @action def search( self, query: str, limit: int = 50, offset: int = 0, type: Optional[str] = None, ): """ Perform a search. :param query: Query string. :param limit: Maximum results that should be returned (default: 50). :param offset: Search offset (default: 0). :param type: Type of results that should be returned. Default: None (return all the results that match the query). Supported: ``artist``, ``album``, ``track`` and ``playlist``. :return: .. schema:: tidal.TidalSearchResultsSchema """ from tidalapi.artist import Artist from tidalapi.album import Album from import Track from tidalapi.playlist import Playlist models = None if type is not None: if type == 'artist': models = [Artist] elif type == 'album': models = [Album] elif type == 'track': models = [Track] elif type == 'playlist': models = [Playlist] else: raise AssertionError(f'Unsupported search type: {type}') ret =, models=models, limit=limit, offset=offset) return TidalSearchResultsSchema().dump(ret)
[docs] @action def get_download_url(self, track_id: str) -> str: """ Get the direct download URL of a track. :param artist_id: Track ID. """ return self.session.track(track_id).get_url()
[docs] @action def add_to_playlist(self, playlist_id: str, track_ids: Iterable[Union[str, int]]): """ Append one or more tracks to a playlist. :param playlist_id: Target playlist ID. :param track_ids: List of track IDs to append. """ pl = self.session.playlist(playlist_id) pl.add(track_ids)
[docs] @action def remove_from_playlist( self, playlist_id: str, track_id: Optional[Union[str, int]] = None, index: Optional[int] = None, ): """ Remove a track from a playlist. Specify either the ``track_id`` or the ``index``. :param playlist_id: Target playlist ID. :param track_id: ID of the track to remove. :param index: Index of the track to remove. """ assert not ( track_id is None and index is None ), 'Please specify either track_id or index' pl = self.session.playlist(playlist_id) if index: pl.remove_by_index(index) if track_id: pl.remove_by_id(track_id)
[docs] @action def add_track(self, track_id: Union[str, int]): """ Add a track to the user's collection. :param track_id: Track ID. """ self.user.favorites.add_track(track_id)
[docs] @action def add_album(self, album_id: Union[str, int]): """ Add an album to the user's collection. :param album_id: Album ID. """ self.user.favorites.add_album(album_id)
[docs] @action def add_artist(self, artist_id: Union[str, int]): """ Add an artist to the user's collection. :param artist_id: Artist ID. """ self.user.favorites.add_artist(artist_id)
[docs] @action def add_playlist(self, playlist_id: str): """ Add a playlist to the user's collection. :param playlist_id: Playlist ID. """ self.user.favorites.add_playlist(playlist_id)
[docs] @action def remove_track(self, track_id: Union[str, int]): """ Remove a track from the user's collection. :param track_id: Track ID. """ self.user.favorites.remove_track(track_id)
[docs] @action def remove_album(self, album_id: Union[str, int]): """ Remove an album from the user's collection. :param album_id: Album ID. """ self.user.favorites.remove_album(album_id)
[docs] @action def remove_artist(self, artist_id: Union[str, int]): """ Remove an artist from the user's collection. :param artist_id: Artist ID. """ self.user.favorites.remove_artist(artist_id)
[docs] @action def remove_playlist(self, playlist_id: str): """ Remove a playlist from the user's collection. :param playlist_id: Playlist ID. """ self.user.favorites.remove_playlist(playlist_id)
[docs] def main(self): while not self.should_stop(): playlists = self.session.user.playlists() # type: ignore for pl in playlists: last_updated_var = Variable(f'TIDAL_PLAYLIST_LAST_UPDATE[{}]') prev_last_updated = last_updated_var.get() if prev_last_updated: prev_last_updated = datetime.fromisoformat(prev_last_updated) if pl.last_updated > prev_last_updated: get_bus().post(TidalPlaylistUpdatedEvent( if not prev_last_updated or pl.last_updated > prev_last_updated: last_updated_var.set(pl.last_updated.isoformat()) self.wait_stop(self.poll_interval)