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import enum
import os
import re
import select
import subprocess
import threading
import time

from platypush.config import Config
from platypush.context import get_bus, get_plugin
from import PlayerState, MediaPlugin
from platypush.message.event.torrent import TorrentDownloadStartEvent, \
    TorrentDownloadCompletedEvent, TorrentDownloadedMetadataEvent

from platypush.plugins import action
from platypush.utils import find_bins_in_path, find_files_by_ext, \
    is_process_alive, get_ip_or_hostname

[docs]class TorrentState(enum.IntEnum): IDLE = 1 DOWNLOADING_METADATA = 2 DOWNLOADING = 3 DOWNLOADED = 4
[docs]class MediaWebtorrentPlugin(MediaPlugin): """ Plugin to download and stream videos using webtorrent Requires: * **webtorrent** installed on your system (``npm install -g webtorrent``) * **webtorrent-cli** installed on your system (``npm install -g webtorrent-cli``) * A media plugin configured for streaming (e.g. media.mplayer, media.vlc, media.mpv or media.omxplayer) """ _supported_media_plugins = {'media.mplayer', 'media.omxplayer', 'media.mpv', 'media.vlc', 'media.webtorrent'} # Download at least 15 MBs before starting streaming _download_size_before_streaming = 15 * 2**20 _web_stream_ready_timeout = 120
[docs] def __init__(self, webtorrent_bin=None, webtorrent_port=None, *args, **kwargs): """ media.webtorrent will use the default media player plugin you have configured (e.g. mplayer, omxplayer, mpv) to stream the torrent. :param webtorrent_bin: Path to your webtorrent executable. If not set, then Platypush will search for the right executable in your PATH :type webtorrent_bin: str :param webtorrent_port: Port where the webtorrent will be running streaming server will be running (default: 8000) :type webtorrent_port: int """ super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.webtorrent_port = webtorrent_port self._webtorrent_process = None self._init_webtorrent_bin(webtorrent_bin=webtorrent_bin) self._init_media_player() self._download_started_event = threading.Event() self._torrent_stream_urls = {}
def _init_webtorrent_bin(self, webtorrent_bin=None): if not webtorrent_bin: bin_name = 'webtorrent.exe' if == 'nt' else 'webtorrent' bins = find_bins_in_path(bin_name) if not bins: raise RuntimeError('Webtorrent executable not specified and ' + 'not found in your PATH. Make sure that ' + 'webtorrent is either installed or ' + 'configured and that both webtorrent and ' + 'webtorrent-cli are installed') self.webtorrent_bin = bins[0] else: webtorrent_bin = os.path.expanduser(webtorrent_bin) if not (os.path.isfile(webtorrent_bin) and ( == 'nt' or os.access(webtorrent_bin, os.X_OK))): raise RuntimeError('{} is does not exist or is not a valid ' + 'executable file'.format(webtorrent_bin)) self.webtorrent_bin = webtorrent_bin def _init_media_player(self): self._media_plugin = None for plugin_name in self._supported_media_plugins: try: if Config.get(plugin_name): self._media_plugin = get_plugin(plugin_name) break except Exception as e: self.logger.debug(f'Could not get media plugin {plugin_name}: {str(e)}') if not self._media_plugin: raise RuntimeError(('No media player specified and no ' + 'compatible media plugin configured - ' + 'supported media plugins: {}').format( self._supported_media_plugins)) def _read_process_line(self): line = self._webtorrent_process.stdout.readline().decode().strip() # Strip output of the colors return re.sub(r'\x1b\[(([0-9]+m)|(.{1,2}))', '', line).strip() def _process_monitor(self, resource, download_dir, download_only, player_type, player_args): def _thread(): if not self._webtorrent_process: return ###### state = TorrentState.IDLE bus = get_bus() webtorrent_url = None output_dir = None media_file = None poll = select.poll() poll.register(self._webtorrent_process.stdout, select.POLLIN) # First wait for the metadata to be ready and the streaming started while True: result = poll.poll(0) if not result: continue if not self._is_process_alive(): break line = self._read_process_line() if 'fetching torrent metadata from' in line.lower() \ and state == TorrentState.IDLE: # IDLE -> DOWNLOADING_METADATA state = TorrentState.DOWNLOADING_METADATA, resource=resource)) elif 'downloading: ' in line.lower() \ and media_file is None: # Find video files in torrent directory output_dir = os.path.join( download_dir, 'downloading: (.+?)$', line, flags=re.IGNORECASE ).group(1)) elif 'server running at: ' in line.lower() \ and webtorrent_url is None: # Streaming started webtorrent_url ='server running at: (.+?)$', line, flags=re.IGNORECASE).group(1) webtorrent_url = webtorrent_url.replace( 'http://localhost', 'http://' + get_ip_or_hostname()) self._torrent_stream_urls[resource] = webtorrent_url self._download_started_event.set()'Torrent stream started on {}'.format( webtorrent_url)) if output_dir and not media_file: media_files = sorted(find_files_by_ext( output_dir, *self._media_plugin.video_extensions)) if media_files: # TODO support for queueing multiple media media_file = os.path.join(output_dir, media_files[0]) else: time.sleep(1) # Wait before the media file is created if state.value <= TorrentState.DOWNLOADING_METADATA.value \ and media_file and webtorrent_url: # DOWNLOADING_METADATA -> DOWNLOADING resource=resource, media_file=media_file, stream_url=webtorrent_url, url=webtorrent_url)) break if not output_dir: raise RuntimeError('Could not download torrent') if not download_only and (not media_file or not webtorrent_url): if not media_file: self.logger.warning( 'The torrent does not contain any video files') else: self.logger.warning('WebTorrent could not start streaming') # Keep downloading but don't start the player try: self._webtorrent_process.wait() except Exception as e: self.logger.warning(f'WebTorrent process error: {str(e)}') return player = None if not download_only: # Wait until we have enough chunks to start the player while True: result = poll.poll(0) if not result: continue if not self._is_process_alive(): break try: if os.path.getsize(media_file) > \ self._download_size_before_streaming: break except FileNotFoundError: continue player = get_plugin('media.' + player_type) if player_type \ else self._media_plugin media = media_file if player.is_local() else webtorrent_url 'Starting playback of {} to {} through {}'.format( media_file, player.__class__.__name__, webtorrent_url)) subfile = self.get_subtitles(media) if subfile: player_args['subtitles'] = subfile, **player_args)'Waiting for player to terminate') self._wait_for_player(player)'Torrent player terminated'), output_dir=output_dir, media_file=media_file, url=webtorrent_url)) try: self.quit() except Exception as e: self.logger.warning(f'Could not terminate WebTorrent process: {str(e)}')'WebTorrent process terminated') return _thread def _wait_for_player(self, player): stop_evt = None if player: media_cls = player.__class__.__name__ if media_cls == 'MediaMplayerPlugin': # noinspection PyProtectedMember stop_evt = player._mplayer_stopped_event elif media_cls == 'MediaMpvPlugin' or media_cls == 'MediaVlcPlugin': stop_evt = threading.Event() def stop_callback(): stop_evt.set() player.on_stop(stop_callback) elif media_cls == 'MediaOmxplayerPlugin': stop_evt = threading.Event() def stop_callback(): stop_evt.set() player.add_handler('stop', stop_callback) if stop_evt: stop_evt.wait() else: # Fallback: wait for the webtorrent process to terminate self._webtorrent_process.wait() def _get_torrent_download_dir(self): if self._media_plugin.download_dir: return self._media_plugin.download_dir else: d = os.path.join(os.path.expanduser('~'), 'Downloads') os.makedirs(d, exist_ok=True) return d def get_subtitles(self, filepath): try: plugin = get_plugin('media.subtitles') if not plugin or not plugin.languages: return subs = plugin.get_subtitles(filepath).output if not subs: return sub = plugin.download_subtitles(subs[0]['SubDownloadLink'], filepath).output if sub: return sub['filename'] except Exception as e: self.logger.warning('Could not get subtitles for {}: {}'.format( filepath, str(e)))
[docs] @action def play(self, resource, player=None, download_only=False, **player_args): """ Download and stream a torrent :param resource: Play a resource, as a magnet link, torrent URL or torrent file path :type resource: str :param player: If set, use this plugin type as a player for the torrent. Supported types: 'mplayer', 'vlc', 'omxplayer', 'chromecast', 'mpv'. If not set, then the default configured media plugin will be used. :type player: str :param player_args: Any arguments to pass to the player plugin's play() method :type player_args: dict :param download_only: If false then it will start streaming the torrent on the local player once the download starts, otherwise it will just download it (default: false) :type download_only: bool """ if self._webtorrent_process: try: self.quit() except Exception as e: self.logger.debug('Failed to quit the previous instance: {}'. format(str(e))) download_dir = self._get_torrent_download_dir() webtorrent_args = [self.webtorrent_bin, 'download', '-o', download_dir] if self.webtorrent_port: webtorrent_args += ['-p', self.webtorrent_port] webtorrent_args += [resource] self._download_started_event.clear() self._webtorrent_process = subprocess.Popen(webtorrent_args, stdout=subprocess.PIPE) threading.Thread(target=self._process_monitor( resource=resource, download_dir=download_dir, player_type=player, player_args=player_args, download_only=download_only)).start() stream_url = None player_ready_wait_start = time.time() while not stream_url: triggered = self._download_started_event.wait( self._web_stream_ready_timeout) if not triggered or time.time() - player_ready_wait_start >= \ self._web_stream_ready_timeout: break stream_url = self._torrent_stream_urls.get(resource) if not stream_url: return (None, ("The webtorrent process hasn't started " + "streaming after {} seconds").format( self._web_stream_ready_timeout)) return {'resource': resource, 'url': stream_url}
[docs] @action def download(self, resource, **kwargs): return, download_only=True)
[docs] @action def stop(self): """ Stop the playback """ return self.quit()
[docs] @action def quit(self): """ Quit the player """ if self._is_process_alive(): self._webtorrent_process.terminate() self._webtorrent_process.wait() try: self._webtorrent_process.kill() except Exception as e: self.logger.warning(f'Error on WebTorrent process kill: {str(e)}') self._webtorrent_process = None
[docs] @action def load(self, resource, **kwargs): """ Load a torrent resource in the player. """ return
def _is_process_alive(self): return is_process_alive( \ if self._webtorrent_process else False
[docs] @action def status(self): """ Get the current player state. :returns: A dictionary containing the current state. Example:: output = { "state": "play" # or "stop" or "pause" } """ return {'state': self._media_plugin.status().get('state', PlayerState.STOP.value)}
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