Source code for platypush.plugins.config

import json

from platypush import Config
from platypush.message import Message
from platypush.plugins import Plugin, action

[docs]class ConfigPlugin(Plugin): """ This plugin can be used to programmatically access the application configuration. """
[docs] @action def get(self) -> dict: """ Get the current configuration. """ return Config.get()
[docs] @action def get_plugins(self) -> dict: """ Get the configured plugins. """ return Config.get_plugins()
[docs] @action def get_backends(self) -> dict: """ Get the configured backends. """ return Config.get_backends()
[docs] @action def get_procedures(self) -> dict: """ Get the configured procedures. """ return json.loads(json.dumps(Config.get_procedures(), cls=Message.Encoder))
[docs] @action def dashboards(self) -> dict: """ Get the configured dashboards. """ return Config.get_dashboards()
[docs] @action def get_dashboard(self, name: str) -> str: """ Get a dashboard configuration by name. """ return Config.get_dashboard(name)
[docs] @action def get_device_id(self) -> str: """ Get the configured ``device_id``. """ return Config.get('device_id')
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