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.. moduleauthor:: Fabio Manganiello <>

from import AssistantGoogleBackend
from platypush.context import get_backend
from platypush.plugins import action
from platypush.plugins.assistant import AssistantPlugin

[docs]class AssistantGooglePlugin(AssistantPlugin): """ Google assistant plugin. It acts like a wrapper around the :mod:`` backend to programmatically control the conversation status. """
[docs] def __init__(self, **kwargs): super().__init__(**kwargs)
def _get_assistant(self) -> AssistantGoogleBackend: return get_backend('')
[docs] @action def start_conversation(self, **kwargs): """ Programmatically start a conversation with the assistant """ assistant = self._get_assistant() assistant.start_conversation()
[docs] @action def stop_conversation(self): """ Programmatically stop a running conversation with the assistant """ assistant = self._get_assistant() assistant.stop_conversation()
[docs] @action def set_mic_mute(self, muted: bool = True): """ Programmatically mute/unmute the microphone. :param muted: Set to True or False. """ assistant = self._get_assistant() assistant.set_mic_mute(muted)
[docs] @action def toggle_mic_mute(self): """ Toggle the mic mute state. """ assistant = self._get_assistant() is_muted = assistant.is_muted() self.set_mic_mute(muted=not is_muted)
[docs] @action def is_muted(self) -> bool: """ :return: True if the microphone is muted, False otherwise. """ assistant = self._get_assistant() return assistant.is_muted()
[docs] @action def send_text_query(self, query: str): """ Send a text query to the assistant. :param query: Query to be sent. """ assistant = self._get_assistant() assistant.send_text_query(query)
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