Source code for platypush.backend.kafka

import logging
import time

from platypush.backend import Backend
from platypush.context import get_plugin
from platypush.message import Message
from platypush.message.event.kafka import KafkaMessageEvent

[docs]class KafkaBackend(Backend): """ Backend to interact with an Apache Kafka ( streaming platform, send and receive messages. Requires: * **kafka** (``pip install kafka-python``) """ _conn_retry_secs = 5
[docs] def __init__(self, server='localhost:9092', topic='platypush', **kwargs): """ :param server: Kafka server name or address + port (default: ``localhost:9092``) :type server: str :param topic: (Prefix) topic to listen to (default: platypush). The Platypush device_id (by default the hostname) will be appended to the topic (the real topic name will e.g. be "platypush.my_rpi") :type topic: str """ super().__init__(**kwargs) self.server = server self.topic_prefix = topic self.topic = self._topic_by_device_id(self.device_id) self.producer = None self.consumer = None # Kafka can be veryyyy noisy logging.getLogger('kafka').setLevel(logging.ERROR)
def _on_record(self, record): if record.topic != self.topic: return msg = record.value.decode('utf-8') is_platypush_message = False try: msg = is_platypush_message = True except Exception as e: self.logger.debug(str(e))'Received message on Kafka backend: {}'.format(msg)) if is_platypush_message: self.on_message(msg) else: self.on_message(KafkaMessageEvent(msg=msg)) def _topic_by_device_id(self, device_id): return '{}.{}'.format(self.topic_prefix, device_id)
[docs] def send_message(self, msg, **kwargs): target = kafka_plugin = get_plugin('kafka') kafka_plugin.send_message(msg=msg, topic=self._topic_by_device_id(target), server=self.server)
[docs] def on_stop(self): super().on_stop() try: if self.producer: self.producer.flush() self.producer.close() if self.consumer: self.consumer.close() except Exception as e: self.logger.warning('Exception occurred while closing Kafka connection') self.logger.exception(e)
[docs] def run(self): from kafka import KafkaConsumer super().run() self.consumer = KafkaConsumer(self.topic, bootstrap_servers=self.server)'Initialized kafka backend - server: {}, topic: {}' .format(self.server, self.topic)) try: for msg in self.consumer: self._on_record(msg) if self.should_stop(): break except Exception as e: self.logger.warning('Kafka connection error, reconnecting in {} seconds'. format(self._conn_retry_secs)) self.logger.exception(e) time.sleep(self._conn_retry_secs)
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