class platypush.plugins.pushbullet.PushbulletPlugin(token: str = None, **kwargs)[source]

This plugin allows you to send pushes and files to your PushBullet account. Note: This plugin will only work if the platypush.backend.pushbullet backend is configured.


  • requests (pip install requests)
  • The platypush.backend.pushbullet.Pushbullet backend enabled
__init__(token: str = None, **kwargs)[source]
Parameters:token – Pushbullet API token. If not set the plugin will try to retrieve it from the Pushbullet backend configuration, if available
Parameters:device – Device ID or name

Get the list of available devices

send_clipboard(text: str)[source]

Copy text to the clipboard of a device.

Parameters:text – Text to be copied.
send_file(filename: str, device: str = None)[source]

Send a file.

  • device – Device ID or name (default: None, all devices)
  • filename – Path to the local file
send_note(device: str = None, body: str = None, title: str = None, url: str = None, **kwargs)[source]

Send a note push.

  • device – Device ID or name (default: None, all devices)
  • body – Note body
  • title – Note title
  • url – URL attached to the note
  • kwargs – Push arguments, see