class, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Executes calls to the Google APIs using the google-api-python-client. This class is extended by GoogleMailPlugin, GoogleCalendarPlugin etc. In order to use Google services (like GMail, Maps, Calendar etc.) with your account you need to:

1. Create your Google application, if you don’t have one already, on the developers console,

  1. Click on “Credentials”, then “Create credentials” -> “OAuth client ID”

3 Select “Other”, enter whichever description you like, and create

  1. Click on the “Download JSON” icon next to your newly created client ID

  2. Generate a credentials file for the needed scope:

    python -m '' ~/client_secret.json


  • google-api-python-client (pip install google-api-python-client)

  • oauth2client (pip install oauth2client)

__init__(scopes=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Initialized the Google plugin with the required scopes.


scopes (list) – List of required scopes