Source code for platypush.plugins.assistant

from abc import ABC, abstractmethod

from platypush.context import get_backend
from platypush.plugins import Plugin, action

[docs]class AssistantPlugin(ABC, Plugin): """ Base class for assistant plugins """
[docs] @abstractmethod def start_conversation(self, *args, language=None, tts_plugin=None, tts_args=None, **kwargs): """ Start a conversation. """ raise NotImplementedError
[docs] @abstractmethod def stop_conversation(self, *args, **kwargs): """ Stop a conversation. """ raise NotImplementedError
def _get_assistant(self): return get_backend('assistant.snowboy')
[docs] @action def pause_detection(self): """ Put the assistant on pause. No new conversation events will be triggered. """ assistant = self._get_assistant() assistant.pause_detection()
[docs] @action def resume_detection(self): """ Resume the assistant hotword detection from a paused state. """ assistant = self._get_assistant() assistant.resume_detection()
[docs] @action def is_detecting(self) -> bool: """ :return: True if the asistant is detecting, False otherwise. """ assistant = self._get_assistant() return assistant.is_detecting()
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