Source code for platypush.backend.stt

import time

from platypush.backend import Backend
from platypush.context import get_plugin
from platypush.plugins.stt import SttPlugin

[docs]class SttBackend(Backend): """ Base class for speech-to-text backends. """
[docs] def __init__(self, plugin_name: str, retry_sleep: float = 5.0, *args, **kwargs): """ :param plugin_name: Plugin name of the class that will be used for speech detection. Must be an instance of :class:`platypush.plugins.stt.SttPlugin`. :param retry_sleep: Number of seconds the backend will wait on failure before re-initializing the plugin (default: 5 seconds). """ super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.plugin_name = plugin_name self.retry_sleep = retry_sleep
[docs] def run(self): super().run()'Starting {} speech-to-text backend'.format(self.__class__.__name__)) while not self.should_stop(): try: plugin: SttPlugin = get_plugin(self.plugin_name) with plugin: # noinspection PyProtectedMember plugin._detection_thread.join() except Exception as e: self.logger.exception(e) self.logger.warning('Encountered an unexpected error, retrying in {} seconds'.format(self.retry_sleep)) time.sleep(self.retry_sleep)
# vim:sw=4:ts=4:et: