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import json
import re
import threading

from platypush.backend import Backend
from import MusicPlayEvent, MusicPauseEvent, \
    MusicStopEvent, NewPlayingTrackEvent, PlaylistChangeEvent, VolumeChangeEvent, \
    PlaybackConsumeModeChangeEvent, PlaybackSingleModeChangeEvent, \
    PlaybackRepeatModeChangeEvent, PlaybackRandomModeChangeEvent, \
    MuteChangeEvent, SeekChangeEvent

# noinspection PyUnusedLocal
[docs]class MusicMopidyBackend(Backend): """ This backend listens for events on a Mopidy music server streaming port. Since this backend leverages the Mopidy websocket interface it is only compatible with Mopidy and not with other MPD servers. Please use the :class:`` for a similar polling solution if you're not running Mopidy or your instance has the websocket interface or web port disabled. Triggers: * :class:`` if the playback state changed to play * :class:`` if the playback state changed to pause * :class:`` if the playback state changed to stop * :class:`` if a new track is being played * :class:`` if the main playlist has changed * :class:`` if the main volume has changed * :class:`` if the mute status has changed * :class:`` if a track seek event occurs Requires: * **websocket-client** (``pip install websocket-client``) * Mopidy installed and the HTTP service enabled """
[docs] def __init__(self, host='localhost', port=6680, **kwargs): super().__init__(**kwargs) = host self.port = int(port) self.url = 'ws://{}:{}/mopidy/ws'.format(host, port) self._msg_id = 0 self._ws = None self._latest_status = {} self._reconnect_thread = None self._connected_event = threading.Event() try: self._latest_status = self._get_tracklist_status() except Exception as e: self.logger.warning('Unable to get mopidy status: {}'.format(str(e)))
@staticmethod def _parse_track(track, pos=None): if not track: return {} conv_track = track.get('track', {}).copy() conv_track['id'] = track.get('tlid') conv_track['file'] = conv_track['uri'] del conv_track['uri'] if 'artists' in conv_track: conv_track['artist'] = conv_track['artists'][0].get('name') del conv_track['artists'] if 'name' in conv_track: conv_track['title'] = conv_track['name'] del conv_track['name'] if 'album' in conv_track: conv_track['album'] = conv_track['album']['name'] if 'length' in conv_track: conv_track['time'] = conv_track['length']/1000 \ if conv_track['length'] else conv_track['length'] del conv_track['length'] if pos is not None: conv_track['pos'] = pos if '__model__' in conv_track: del conv_track['__model__'] return conv_track def _communicate(self, msg): import websocket if isinstance(msg, str): msg = json.loads(msg) self._msg_id += 1 msg['jsonrpc'] = '2.0' msg['id'] = self._msg_id msg = json.dumps(msg) ws = websocket.create_connection(self.url) ws.send(msg) response = json.loads(ws.recv()).get('result') ws.close() return response def _get_tracklist_status(self): return { 'repeat': self._communicate({ 'method': 'core.tracklist.get_repeat'}), 'random': self._communicate({ 'method': 'core.tracklist.get_random'}), 'single': self._communicate({ 'method': 'core.tracklist.get_single'}), 'consume': self._communicate({ 'method': 'core.tracklist.get_consume'}), } def _on_msg(self): def hndl(*args): msg = args[1] if len(args) > 1 else args[0] msg = json.loads(msg) event = msg.get('event') if not event: return status = {} track = msg.get('tl_track', {}) if event == 'track_playback_paused': status['state'] = 'pause' track = self._parse_track(track) if not track: return, track=track, plugin_name='music.mpd')) elif event == 'track_playback_resumed': status['state'] = 'play' track = self._parse_track(track) if not track: return, track=track, plugin_name='music.mpd')) elif event == 'track_playback_ended' or ( event == 'playback_state_changed' and msg.get('new_state') == 'stopped'): status['state'] = 'stop' track = self._parse_track(track), track=track, plugin_name='music.mpd')) elif event == 'track_playback_started': track = self._parse_track(track) if not track: return status['state'] = 'play' status['position'] = 0.0 status['time'] = track.get('time'), track=track, plugin_name='music.mpd')) elif event == 'stream_title_changed': m = re.match('^\s*(.+?)\s+-\s+(.*)\s*$', msg.get('title', '')) if not m: return track['artist'] = track['title'] = status['state'] = 'play' status['position'] = 0.0, track=track, plugin_name='music.mpd')) elif event == 'volume_changed': status['volume'] = msg.get('volume')['volume'], status=status, track=track, plugin_name='music.mpd')) elif event == 'mute_changed': status['mute'] = msg.get('mute')['mute'], status=status, track=track, plugin_name='music.mpd')) elif event == 'seeked': status['position'] = msg.get('time_position')/1000['position'], status=status, track=track, plugin_name='music.mpd')) elif event == 'tracklist_changed': tracklist = [self._parse_track(t, pos=i) for i, t in enumerate(self._communicate({ 'method': 'core.tracklist.get_tl_tracks'}))], plugin_name='music.mpd')) elif event == 'options_changed': new_status = self._get_tracklist_status() if new_status['random'] != self._latest_status.get('random'):['random'], plugin_name='music.mpd')) if new_status['repeat'] != self._latest_status['repeat']:['repeat'], plugin_name='music.mpd')) if new_status['single'] != self._latest_status['single']:['single'], plugin_name='music.mpd')) if new_status['consume'] != self._latest_status['consume']:['consume'], plugin_name='music.mpd')) self._latest_status = new_status return hndl def _retry_connect(self): def reconnect(): while not self.should_stop() and not self._connected_event.is_set(): try: self._connect() except Exception as e: self.logger.warning('Error on websocket reconnection: '.format(str(e))) self._connected_event.wait(timeout=10) self._reconnect_thread = None if not self._reconnect_thread or not self._reconnect_thread.is_alive(): self._reconnect_thread = threading.Thread(target=reconnect) self._reconnect_thread.start() def _on_error(self): def hndl(*args): error = args[1] if len(args) > 1 else args[0] ws = args[0] if len(args) > 1 else None self.logger.warning('Mopidy websocket error: {}'.format(error)) if ws: ws.close() return hndl def _on_close(self): def hndl(*_): self._connected_event.clear() self._ws = None self.logger.warning('Mopidy websocket connection closed') if not self.should_stop(): self._retry_connect() return hndl def _on_open(self): def hndl(*_): self._connected_event.set()'Mopidy websocket connected') return hndl def _connect(self): import websocket if not self._ws: self._ws = websocket.WebSocketApp(self.url, on_open=self._on_open(), on_message=self._on_msg(), on_error=self._on_error(), on_close=self._on_close()) self._ws.run_forever()
[docs] def run(self): super().run()'Started tracking Mopidy events backend on {}:{}'.format(, self.port)) self._connect()
[docs] def on_stop(self):'Received STOP event on the Mopidy backend') if self._ws: self._ws.close()'Mopidy backend terminated')
# vim:sw=4:ts=4:et: