Source code for platypush.backend.linode

from typing import Dict, Optional, List

from platypush.backend.sensor import SensorBackend
from platypush.message.event.linode import LinodeInstanceStatusChanged

[docs]class LinodeBackend(SensorBackend): """ This backend monitors the state of one or more Linode instances. Triggers: * :class:`platypush.message.event.linode.LinodeInstanceStatusChanged` when the status of an instance changes. Requires: * The :class:`platypush.plugins.linode.LinodePlugin` plugin configured. """
[docs] def __init__(self, instances: Optional[List[str]] = None, poll_seconds: float = 30.0, **kwargs): """ :param instances: List of instances to monitor, by label (default: monitor all the instances). """ super().__init__(plugin='linode', poll_seconds=poll_seconds, **kwargs) self.instances = set(instances or [])
def process_data(self, data: Dict[str, dict], *args, **kwargs): instances = data['instances'] old_instances = ( or {}).get('instances', {}) if self.instances: instances = {label: instances[label] for label in self.instances if label in instances} if not instances: return for label, instance in instances.items(): old_instance = old_instances.get(label, {}) if 'status' in old_instance and old_instance['status'] != instance['status']:, status=instance['status'], old_status=old_instance['status']))
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